Production Machine Operator - 2nd Shift

Posted: 07/17/2022


The Machine Operator’s primary responsibility is to support the running of production equipment to ensure maximization of uptime, including being able to safely start, operate and lock out a piece of equipment.  When the use of machine operation is not necessary, the machine operator will complete other production tasks as assigned. The Machine Operator is responsible for performing tasks according to standard operating procedures (SOP) and best practices (BP).  Some tasks include but not limited to, operating production equipment, labeling proper packaging, portioning ingredients to their appropriate measurements, and meal bagging correct quantities as given by Production Lead.


Production Equipment:

  • Always keep safety first while using all equipment
  • Must complete training on Home Chef equipment and be able to show understanding on how to operate the equipment safely and efficiently 
  • Must be able to control and adjust machine settings to include setups, calibration, cleaning, etc.
  • Conducts basic troubleshooting on equipment
  • Periodically test the operation of machines and fix issues that might occur during the shift
  • Completes standard equipment set up and product changeovers without the assistance of maintenance techs
  • Must be able to inspect output to spot any machine-related mistakes or flaws

Labeling, Portioning & Meal Bagging:

  • Follows direction from Supervisor, Machine Lead to fulfill production requirements
  • Labels packaging at the standard average rate 
  • Portions ingredients using proper measuring utensils Applies attention to detail while picking ingredients in the meal bag process
  • Transitions between tasks when needed
  • Collects production data


  • Must work at a fast pace with attention to detail
  • Must work as a team to reach shipping goals


  • Required to follow all GMPs while onsite at the facilities
  • Must keep work area clean at all times and assist in EOD clean ups


  • Follows all lock out tag out procedures and refrains from using machine when locked or tagged out
  • Follows all procedures for safe operation of machinery

General Responsibilities:

  • Must be able to submit progress of his/her production throughout the shift
  • Follow the facility GMPs and help enforce them throughout the facility
  • Support the efforts of the company to maintain our food safety system (SQF) and quality programs

This position requires 0% travel. 


  • HS Diploma preferred but not required
  • 6+ months of production/warehouse environment preferred
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and with others as a team