Quality Control Lead - 1st Shift

Posted: 07/17/2022


Fulfills all responsibilities of a QC Tech, provides on the floor coaching for new and less experienced associates, and performs other duties such as packing, managing donations, and setting up, breaking down, and maintaining portioning equipment. QC Leads may assume additional responsibilities delivering training to QC Techs.    


Perform Start-of Shift and Product Changeover Activities

  • Responsible for verifying equipment and/or table(s) is set-up correctly
  • Responsible for verifying the correct ingredient(s) is being portioned or meal being bagged/kitted
  • Ensures all scales are verified prior to use
  • Verifies the correct tool/utensil is used for portioning activity 

Supports Core QC Activities

  • Demonstrates mastery of all core QC Tech responsibilities including but not limited to: labeling, portioning, meal bagging, shipping line, and final box verifications
  • Demonstrates mastery over Home Chef’s Receiving Process and Outbound Transfer Process; promptly escalating issues with product is outside of specification to FSQA Supervisor and/or FSQA leadership when quality issues arise such as produce quality, high temperatures, etc.
  • Responsible for accurately documenting verification activities in the appropriate application

Detailed Ingredient Inspection

  • Conducts off-the-line checks (e.g. full box inspection) on ingredient quality as directed by FSQA Supervisor or FSQA Manager

 Performs Temperature Checks

  • Conducts temperature check for every cooler and freezer in the facility once per shift and documents results; escalates issues when cooler temperatures are high

Training, Retraining, and Coaching QC Techs

  • Serves as point of contact for all Home Chef FSQA Tools & Applications, trains QC Techs on access and usage
  • Delivers training, retraining, and coaching on the floor to QC Techs to correctly perform their job as necessary

Issue Escalation

  • Promptly notifies FSQA Supervisor and/or FSQA leadership when food safety and/or quality issues arise such as produce quality, portioning quantity, or missing ingredients 

Attitude and Attendance

  • Arrives to work at scheduled time and follows time off request procedure
  • Communicates with co-workers in a professional manner
  • Treats co-workers with respect at all times
  • Escalates attitude issues among QC Associates to Supervisor

General Responsibilities:

  • Follow the facility GMPs and help enforce them throughout the facility
  • Support the efforts of the company to maintain our food safety system (SQF) and quality programs

This position requires 0% travel. 


  • High school diploma or equivalent required 
  • Fluency in Spanish and English is preferred
  • 2+ years of experience working in food quality, preferred