Warehouse Lead - 3rd Shift

Posted: 07/17/2022


 The Warehouse Lead  is responsible for obtaining a daily task list, organizing associates to execute tasks, and managing progress against the assigned tasks  throughout the shift. The Warehouse Lead is responsible for hands on  training all associates on standard procedures and ensuring work is completed in  a safe, proper and timely manner. 


The Warehouse Lead must demonstrate proficiency in all warehouse functions and manage delegation of tasks and progress against daily task lists communicated by warehouse supervisor / manager.


  • Leads and coordinates activities of workers assigned to receiving dock.
  • Oversees receiving activities to ensure accuracy, integrity of product and dock maintenance are all kept up to company standards.
  • Inspects P.I.T. for defects and notifies maintenance personnel and warehouse supervisor / manager.
  • Responsible for training and helping the team to effectively use  Netsuite and WMS  systems.
  • Ensures all Receiving processes are completed in accordance to SOP's and communicate any variances or issues.
  • Monitors the unloading of all materials into the receiving department; ensures materials are staged for counting and inspection; ensures receiving reports accurately depict material received. 
  • Lead personnel as assigned for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the workforce and meeting shift requirements
  •  Maintain various records, schedules, receiving spreadsheets, loading spreadsheets and, inventory spreadsheets for the purpose of documenting and providing reliable information

Issuing Product to Production:

  • Uses Warehouse Drop List to delegate tasks among warehouse associates
  • Ensures product is placed in the correct quantity and location on floor
  • Upholds standard procedures for staging product in coolers and freezers when applicable
  • Trains all team members to read boxing call-out sheet and distinguish which meats are being utilized for shipping week
  • Makes sure team is making progress against daily task list 
  • Escalates issues to supervisor or manager when warehouse progress against tasks list is proceeding at a slower than expected rate or is at risk of causing a halt in production 
  • Works with team to complete end of shift clean up duties, ensuring all product that needs to be removed from the floor is put back in the correct freezer, cooler, or ambient location


  • Leads and coordinates activities of workers assigned to outbound shipping
  • Ensures  cases shipped are verified against pertinent documentation (pallet shipping sheet/load diagram)
  • Follows proper procedures for tagging, storage, and loading of outbound pallets
  • Trains team members of standard procedures for tagging, storage, and loading of outbound pallets

Non-food Inventory:     

  • Provides accurate, current inventory data for purchasing decisions. 
  • Leads and coordinates the taking of weekly and monthly physical inventories.
  • Investigates, identifies and reconciles the cycle count discrepancies, i.e., shortages as well as overages.
  • Provides recommendations on ways to optimize inventory control procedures
  • Responsible for product quality and quantity immediately after receiving processes have been completed.

Leading  Warehouse Personnel:

  • Fosters a teamwork environment
  • Communicates job expectations in a respectful manner
  • Lives the Home Chef Values of Customer First and Best-in-Class team
  • Adheres to safety related procedures and works with associates to create “safety first” work environment 
  • Trains warehouse associates on standard procedures
  • Trains warehouse associates on safe operation of P.I.T.
  • Checks P.I.T. operators pre-shift checklists 
  • Follows up with team to check progress against daily task list
  • Ensures each activity he or she is overseeing is completed to standard
  • Provides on the floor constructive feedback  to warehouse associates;positive reinforcement when they are executing flawlessly to or above standard as if no one is watching

General Responsibilities:

  • Follow the facility GMP’s and help enforce them throughout the facility
  • Support the efforts of the company to maintain our food safety system (SQF) and quality programs


  • High School diploma or GED required
  • Must have at least 1 year warehouse  experience in shipping, receiving, or inventory
  • Must be Proficient in Microsoft Office Excel, Word to execute transactions and enter counts/corrections required 
  • Ability to use handheld data logging equipment required 
  • Previous leadership experience in a warehouse environment is highly preferred.