Peening Technologies of GA Inc.



About Us

Peening Technologies of Georgia provides Shot, Glass bead, Ceramic Bead and Rotor Peening. We also offer Magnetic Particle & Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection as well as other services to the aerospace, power generation, medical and oil and gas exploration industries.
Created in 1966 as Hydro-Honing Laboratories, Inc.(dba: Peening Technologies of Connecticut), our family-owned and operated company has evolved to meet the constantly changing needs of the aerospace industry. For over 55 years we’ve handled shot peening for everything from the simplest springs to complex parts for NASA.
Peening Technologies Equipment (PTE) offers affordable CNC robotic shot peening equipment built by our experts to meet your shot peening needs. In addition to building machines, we offer process development, tooling design, machine programming, process qualification and documentation.
PT of Connecticut - 860-289-4328 FAA & EASA Repair Station
PT of Georgia - 770-941-9573 FAA & EASA Repair Station
PT Equipment - 860-289-4328